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Informal Communion 7th April 2024

Following the morning service, for those who choose to stay.

All children go straight to Creche and Sunday School at 11am, as they do on the main Communion Sundays.

The service will conclude around 11.45am and then the Informal Communion will follow shortly after.
The tea room will be open at 11.45am for those who wish to go through.

Those wishing to stay for Informal Communion please come and sit near the front in central pews when the service ends.

Children should be picked up from Sunday School and Creche at the close of service, and families wishing to do so are welcome to come into the Sanctuary for the Informal Communion (any parent wishing to talk to the Minister about this is welcome to do so).

The Informal Communion will last around 20 minutes – all wishing to receive the elements will be invited to come forward during this time.

This is a fresh opportunity for all ages to honour Jesus and the sacrifice that he made for us, to be renewed in faith and health, and draw closer to Him.

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